We manufacture highest quality life saving test equipment, fenders, buoys needs and many other essential products mainly for maritime, construction, environment organization, mining industrial, onshore & offshore industries. We also offer OEM Services and distributorship possibilities.



From consultation to design, production to testing.  Our engineering teams are ready to dispatch to dispatch to any location and carry out the tests for you, with any amount of load that requires high volumes and huge expenses can be compensated with weights filled with water reducing risks, costs, time and efforts.



Headway offers you equipment renting solutions, load test and fender, we are able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions to delivered to your address. Being a manufacturers gives us the capacity to meet any demands at any time.



With an experienced engineering, we providing the extra capability to help you manage complex change.  Share your ideas and thoughts about a project with us and lets make it real fast, budget and efficiently. We work differently, we aim to "have the problem" and help you find the solution that will allow to achieve on success the project.