Element Rubber Fenders

Unit Element rubber fenders are modular units with an advanced geometry that combines high performance with a adaptable design. Unit Element fenders have very high resistance to shearing loads and are durable even in high loading application.
Unit Element rubber fenders system are normally installed in pair legs combine with frontal frame with UHMW-PE face pads by unlimited combination. Alternatively, one pairs legs can be combined with the UHMW-PE shield into the simplest V-shape multi-purpose fender. Unit Element fenders can be assembled with many methods, vertical or horizontal mounting of units ensure optimum energy and low reaction force.

Advantage of Element Rubber Fenders

1. High energy absorption with low reaction force
2. Adapt to different angle compression
3. Flexible combination, assemble without restriction, can be combined to various type fender system
4. Convenient installation and maintenance

Specification and Performance of Element Rubber Fenders

element rubber fender specification
element rubber fender specification
element rubber fender specification

Element Rubber Fenders with Frontal Panel

One or more pairs of big size Unit Element rubber fenders can be combined with UHMW-PE shield into V-type multi-purpose fender to meet the different requirements, or to reach the higher energy absorption grade.
element rubber fender with frontal panel