Wheel Roller Fenders

Wheel Roller fenders are commonly used on the berth corners and dock entrances, also widely installed along the wall of dry docks and other restricted channels to help guide vessels and prevent hull damage.

The wheels is mounted on a fixed axle supported by a special frame. And wheels can be rotated freely when the ship hull contact/slid the along with the wheels. Roller fenders combine reasonable energy absorption with low reaction at alll berthing angles.

Roller fenders is low maintenance frame design and easy installation.

Centre Roller Type

wheel roller fender specification
wheel roller fender
wheel roller fender specification

Three Roller Type Rubber Fenders

The centre roller fenders rotate on three axies which double the fender deflections therefore greatly improve the performance.
wheel roller fender specification
wheel roller fender specification

Foam Roller Feners

Buoder roller fender is an most effective fendering solution for the corner protection instead of traditional rubber roller fenders. Foam filled roller fender is equipped with the steelwork. It can roll freely.

The foam filled roll fenders are constructed by closed cell polyethylene foam around the central steelwork, covered by nylon reinforcement polyurethane outer skin. The closed cell polyethylene foam core guarantees self-fendering and unsinkable even in case of damage. The reinforced nylon filament ensures polyurethane elastomer protective coating has higher tear strength. And self-colored polyurethane elastomer skin is resistant to abrasion and ultra violet rays degradation.

Specification and Performance Foam Roller Fenders

wheel roller fender specification