Crane Test Waterbags

Based on the experience that manufacture underwater air lift bags, Headway design and make the Proof Loading Test Water bags meet the need for the simple test method instead of traditional solid test weights.

Headway Crane Test Waterbags System is designed for the proof loading test for the lifting equipments and structures. This system provide one kind innovative testing solution with the advantages of Safety, Simple, Economy. It can be used for the crane, beam and davit or other lifting equipments test in marine, offshore, and industry sector.

Headway Crane Test Waterbags are made from heavy duty fabrics, equipped with all necessary fill/discharge fittings and valves, and incorporating with some innovative design. All these features with the competitive price make Headway Crane Test Waterbags as the first choice.


Features and Advantages:

● Made from heavy duty UV resistance PVC coated fabrics
● Heavy duty webbing harness terminates with single steel lifting ring
● Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency
● Complete with all accessories and fill/drain valves, quick couplings
● 6:1 safety factor verified for type test
● Multi size are available for unlimited variants of test weight
● Delivery ready for use
● All water bags are Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard




Load Cell

Load cells can be used for the confirm of load weight. These load cells are available from 5 up to 250 tons, completed with screw safety pin shackles.