Lifeboat Testing Water Bags

Lifeboat test water bags Lifeboat Proof Load Testing Water Bags are designed with the bolster cylindrical shape, made of heavy duty PVC coating fabric, and equipped with fill/discharge fittings, handles and automatic relief valve, which is activated once the water bags achieve the designed weight. Because of the lifeboat test water bags economy, convenience, high efficiency advantages, this system is widely used for the distributed proof load testing for the lifeboats , or any other equipments that need distributed proof load testing, such as crew bastes, gangways, samll bridges and so on.

lifeboat testing waterbags

Features and Advantages of Lifeboat Test Water Bags:

● Made of heavy duty PVC coated fabrics with automatic relief valves
● Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency
● Complete with all accessories and fill/drain valves, quick couplings
● Strong strop handling to ensure an evenly spread load
● Multi size are available for unlimited variants of test weight
● BV third party certificate
● Lifeboat load test water bags are Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

Lifeboat Test Water Bags Specification:

life boat testing waterbag specification

For the safe operation, we also provide one set testing kits for lifeboat test water bags upon your request, including 6 ports manifold, suction hoses, filling/discharge fire hoses, disphragm pump, water meter, interrelated valves and camlocks. And it's ready for use. You can connect all above test kits upon our instruction easily in order to actualize remote operation and control.