Low Headroom Water Bags

Low head room water weight bags are designed for proof loading test for the lifting equipments and structures when the crane testing operation have low headroom (LH). It also can be used as an fluid storage container for emergency use.

Low headroom load testing water weight bags are made from high tenacity PVC coated polyester fabric material. The standard assembly of whole water weight bags system include the shackles, mater link, filling and discharge fittings, lifting belts, and incorporating with some innovative design. All these features with the competitive price make Low Headroom Test Water weight bags as the first

low headroom waterbags

Features and Advantages of Low Headroom Test Water Weigh Bags:

● Made from heavy duty UV resistance PVC coated fabrics
● Heavy duty webbing harness with single steel lifting ring
● Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency
● Complete with all accessories, valves, quick couplings
● 6:1 safety factor verified for type test
● Multi size are available for variants of load testing weight
● Delivery ready for use
● CCS " Certificate of Type Approval", BV Thrid Party Certificate
● Load Test water bag are Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

Proof Load Testing Water Weight Bags is designed for the proof loading test for the lifting equipments and structures that request proof load testing when it's newly finished, or periodic check or maintenance, such as cranes, beams, davits, derrick, overhead and so on in marine, offshore, workshop, port, vessels, and other industry sector. This water filled weight bags provide one kind innovative load testing solution with the advantages of Safety, Economy, Convenience, High Efficiency.

Specification of Low Headroom Load Testing Water Weight bags:

The rated capacities for low headroom water weight bags in sizes from 1 ton to 12.5ton.

low headroom waterbags specification