Inflatable Pipe Plug

Inflatable Pipe Plug

Buoder inflatable pipe plugs are flow stoppers for temporary close off or seal an opening. Our inflatable pipe plug/stoppers are very suitable for use in pipeline, ducts and tunnels with construction, inspection, repairs, cleaning, and repair, isolate the pipe with outside, the closure for the pipe line.

Buoder inflatable pipe plugs can be build up with high quality natural rubber, NBR, neoprene rubber, or other material. Nylon layers were used to reinforced it. This ensure our inflatable pipe stoppers are resistant to fuel, petro-chemicals, and other caustic chemicals. Each inflatable pipe plug is equipped with rigging hardware, inflation ports, and pressure relief valve.

Buoder inflatable pipe plugs are multi-size flow stoppers. Each flow stopper can be used to close off a range of pipe-diameter. The inflatable pipe plug are easy to install, and as even more important easy and quick removed because of its light weight.

Buoder inflatable pipe plugs are available with wide range size. Custom sizes, shapes, and configurations can be designed and manufactured to meet special needs.

inflatable pipe plug specification

With their wide range of expansion, their multi-functional capability, their endurance, their long service life and their robustness, the inflatable pipe plugs are the high-performance inflatable stoppers.

Buoder inflatable pipe plug is extremely cost effective when compare with standard rubber pipe plugs, and efficient way to isolate the pipe. It’s easy to inflate/deflate with ball valves or boat valve option.

Each inflatable pipe plug is tested before delivery.

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