Inflatable Fenders

Inflatable PVC Boat Fenders (Ship Fenders) are designed for the yacht/Boat application to provide maximum protection while at a floating or stationary dock or rafted. Inflatable PVC Boat Fenders can be quickly deployed and inflated with a standard foot pump, electric inflator or onboard airline making them ready to use in minutes. Inflatable PVC fenders take up minimal storage space and are ideal for yachts, motor cruisers and super yachts.

Inflatable PVC Boat Fenders are made of heavy-duty PVC or Hypalon coating fabric for high strength, puncture and abrasion resistance and resistance to petro-chemicals. Each Fender has high quality inflation/deflation valve for convenient display or storage, and stainless steel D ring at each end allow fenders to be rigged horizontally or vertically. Inflatable Fenders can be supplied in any size and in any of our standard Hypalon fabric or PVC fabric colors.

inflatable fender

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Inflatale Hypalon Fenders

To insure the highest quality, also provide the inflatable fenders using Hypalon coating fabric, the industry leading material which has incredible resistance to abrasions, chemicals such as fuel oils, mechanical stresses, UV damage, and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, Hypalon is easily repaired even after years of service.


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