Donut Pendant Buoys

Donut Modular Anchor Pendant Buoys are designed to provide high degree of energy absorption and high resilience, mainly used for the pipe laying operation.

The donut modular anchor pendant buoys are constructed with central steel structure, mounted with 2 or 4 removable and interchangeable separated buoyancy modules.

Each modular are made from laminated resistant polyethylene foam around central core, covered by nylon reinforcement polyurethane outer kin. The closed cell polyethylene foam core guarantees self-fendering and unsinkable even in case of damage. The polyurethane elastomer skin is reinforced by special nylon filament, insuring the higher tear strength. The outer polyurethane elastomer skin is resistant to abrasion and ultra violet degradation.

Features of Donut Anchor Pendant Buoys

-- Nylon reinforced PU out skin
-- Heavy duty central steel construction
-- Unsinkable closed foam core
-- Changeable Buoyancy Modules
-- Self-fendering design

Specification of Donut Anchor Pendant Buoys

The below table show the most commonly requested size only. Other combinations of size and specification are achievable upon request. The standard color is orange and yellow, other color also available on request.

donut pendant buoy
donut pendant buoy