Navigation Buoys

The navigation or marker buoys are designed to equip with marine lighter, beacon, or radar reflector etc.

The navigation or marker buoys are constructed by thermo-laminating polyethylene foam around the inner central steelwork, covered by nylon reinforcement polyurethane outer kin. The closed cell polyethylene foam core guarantees self-fendering and unsinkable even in case of damage. The reinforced nylon filament ensures polyurethane elastomer protective coating has higher tear strength. And self-colored polyurethane elastomer skin is resistant to abrasion and ultra violet rays degradation.

Another navigation production technology is by rotationally molded polyethylene outer skin, filled with high performance closed cell polyurethane foam core.

Navigation buoys or marker buoys can be fitted with variety steel frame or end fitting to meet different customer request.

Features and Advantages of Navigation Buoys

-- Unsinkable closed foam core
-- Heavy duty central steelwork
-- Self-fendering with high impact absorption capacity
-- Reinforced PU protective out skin
-- Variety end fitting option
-- Easy hand with lighter weight
-- Non-marking PU skin
-- Low maintenance
-- Customer colors and size available