Distributed Buoys

Buoder distributed buoyancy modules are designed to provide the buoyancy for the dynamic riser, cable, umbilical in subsea working.

The distributed buoyancy modules are consisted of cross-linked co-polymer foam or syntactic foam fit the different water depth request. To further improve the operating depth, the foam core is encapsulated with the homogeneous skin, like rotated polyethylene or polyurethane elastomer skin.

The buoyancy element itself is split into two identical halves. Each buoyancy modules have banding grooves to secure the buoys to the riser, cable or umbilical.

Specification of One-piece Subsurface Mooring Buoys

Buoder distributed buoys are designed depending on working water depth, and project’s buoyancy requirements. We can make any inner and outer diameter buoyancy module upon the client’s request.

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distributed buoys
distributed buoys
distributed buoys