Modular Subsea Buoy

Buoder make various size and dimensions subsea modular buoyancy buoys products. Our main modular buoys are cylindrical profile modular buoys and square profile modular buoys.

Each subsea modular buoy can be configured with a variety of module quantities, depending upon the required water depth rating. This type modular buoys also can be made into Subsea Modular Buoys to 2000msw.

The typical subsea modular mooring buoys are constructed with tough polyethylene shell, filled with polyurethane closed cell foam as core. Modular buoys are supplied with a central galvanized steel through bar complete with top handling crucifix or pad eye and base mooring eye, or other various end fittings.

Cylindrical Subsea Modular Buoys

Now, we have two common size diameter cylindrical subsea modular mooring buoys available, 800mm and 12000mm. We also can make other diameter, or other profile (like flat side type) modular buoys.

modular subsea buoy
The above size is the specification of single modular. Several modular of same diameter can be used together. We list the below several typical configuration. Of course, the customer can combine it as per the actul request.
modular subsea buoy

Square Profile Subsea Modular Buoys

Square profile subsea modular anchor pendant buoys is our standard modular buoys. This type standard modular anchor pendant buoys consist of several square profile end and middle buoyancy modules onto the central steelwork. The buoyancy can be changed by adding or subtracting the modules.

modular subsea buoy