One-Piece Mooring Buoys

One-piece mooring buoy is the of modular subsea buoys. One-piece subsea buoys can achieve optimum buoyancy request by one unit buoyancy module.

One-piece subsea mooring buoy are fabricated with cross-linked co-polymer foam or syntactic foam fit the different water depth request. To further improve the operating depth, the foam core is encapsulated with the homogeneous polyurethane elastomer skin, which also can be reinforced by nylon filament. The foam core is closed cell. It cannot absorb water even the skin was damaged or punctured.

Specification of One-piece Subsurface Mooring Buoys

Buoder one-piece subsurface mooring buoys are designed depending on working water depth, and project’s buoyancy requirements. We can make any width, height and length buoyancy module upon the client’s request.

We also can make the grooves to band it on the pipeline of structure. The end fitting is various, supplied upon request.

one piece mooring buoy